Meet Zach Benson 
Founder and CEO
Instagram is my super-power. I founded Assistagram to help empower hundreds of Influencers and several Fortune500 companies to cut through the noise and connect with their target audience organically. 

I started Assistagram to become the "marketer of marketers." I've had the honor of working with big names such as Gary Vee and Russell Brunson, and I'm excited to bring my team's expertise to your business. But only if you're seriously ready to work with us. 

Check out my podcast episodes below to learn:
  •   How to grow your Influence fast with Instagram.
  •   How I danced my way to building a 7-figure business.
  •   How to travel the world for free using Instagram.
Zach Was Featured In:
Zach Was Featured In:
The Assistagram Marketing Team
Zach Benson
I’m a full-time entrepreneur, world traveller, dancer and connector who specializes in creating IG campaigns reaching millions.
Volty Garcia
Graphic Designer
I’m an entrepreneur and designer ready to help grow your Instagram engagement through amazing content and creative strategies.
Shaun VanWeelden
Software Engineer
Need a technical solution to your issues? I’m your guy! After working at Microsoft, Amazon and more. I will bring your code to life for you.
Rick Schirmer
I’m an award-winning launch expert whose proprietary approach has led to 200 successful product, movie, and company launches.
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